If you've ever attended an outdoor wedding or graduation affair, you may have decided to waive the stylish sunglasses because you wanted to be respectful and appropriately formal.  Still, going without sunglasses on a bright day can be a real soreness and really bad for your eyes. Is there a […] Read more »

Biograph Studios

Biograph Studios: The Premiere Wedding Videographers in Dallas TX Get the Best Wedding Video Dallas, TX Has to Offer: If you are in Dallas or Fort worth, consider using Dallas wedding videographers in TX to film your wedding. You have prepared for your wedding for months, and the experience can all go […] Read more »

Digital Developments

The Era Of Digital Film Making The new era of advanced digital recording technology has already been embraced by many WEVA professionals. This newest technology enables WEVA members to provide superior video imaging even in dimly lit sanctuaries and reception facilities. Digital-based improvements have also greatly reduced the size of […] Read more »

Weddings on DVD

       Your Wedding on DVD For superb in-home viewing, the newest way to watch your wedding video is on a DVD (Digital Versatile Disc). A DVD looks just like an audio CD. The newest Hollywood movies are now available on both DVD and VHS. Many WEVA International members […] Read more »

Your Love Story

       Creating Your Own Love Story One increasingly popular supplement to wedding day coverage is a custom-produced "Love Story Video." Also called a "Reflections Video" or a "Concept Video," this tells the story of how you both met and fell in love. You have the opportunity to let […] Read more »

The Value Of Video

The Value of Professional Video When you choose to invest in a professional videographer who is a member of WEVA International, you're honoring the importance of your wedding day. Only a trained and experienced wedding videographer is prepared to capture the details of your special day, from the rush of […] Read more »

Video Styles

      New Video Styles Whether you prefer your video to have a classic, story-telling approach, similar to television programs such as A&E's "Biography" or a fast-paced, highly-stylized "MTV" look, you can find a WEVA International member who will match your taste and style. Videographers who are members of […] Read more »

The WEVA Difference

        The WEVA Difference - WEVA Explained   Videographers who are members of the Wedding & Event Videographers Association International (WEVA) are dedicated to capturing the planned events, as well as the spontaneous moments that are unique to every wedding. With today's rapid changes in digital video, […] Read more »

Unobtrusive Coverage

New Age of Unobtrusive Coverage Through new developments in digital technology, camcorders and microphones have grown much smaller than ever before. Old-fashioned bright lights and heavy equipment is no longer necessary. Wireless microphones, for example, are now smaller than an ear ring! Many videographers have invested in new digital video […] Read more »

What Brides Say

        Now & Forever: What Brides Say About Their Videos   Here are just a few of the actual comments from brides and grooms who have had their wedding documented by a WEVA professional. " Before our wedding, I never realized how important our video would be. […] Read more »