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With 4 cameras and 7 audio tracks, we take pride in introducing the most extensive wedding coverage available. We also sell wedding banners.

Consistency: the key to our success

Let’s check out how we work-

» All wedding movies are shot using 4 Sony professional digital cameras, Glidecam motion stabilizers and FM wireless microphones.

» Your wedding video is then edited on a computer based non-linear editing system, everything new, everything state of the art.

» With only one take available planning is the key to success. Our 4 cameras will be ready when you walk down the isle.

Video Camera  The impressive Glidecam 2000 pro:

The Glidecam 2000 pro is essentially a set of gimbals and counterweights used to stabilize a camera during movement. This is the roving camera used at the ceremony and reception.

So, with Biograph Studios say goodbye to that jerky video so common in this business and hello to our smooth and stylish videography.

bride and groom-camera

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Our unique wedding videography technique can make your wedding day memory stored for lifetime on DVD. You can order wedding vinyl banners here