If you've ever attended an outdoor wedding or graduation affair, you may have decided to waive the stylish sunglasses because you wanted to be respectful and appropriately formal.  Still, going without sunglasses on a bright day can be a real soreness and really bad for your eyes.
Is there a lane to wear shadows to a formal event without being insulting or looking like you're trying to hide that you're falling asleep? Yes, there is. You only have to establish the right eyewear options for the occurrence.


If you're going to a wedding or any other outdoor daytime event that requires formal wear, you'll want to make to ensure that your sunglasses are appropriate for your attire. This is sometimes easier for men than women. After all, we've all heard plenty of men look great in a clothing and a pair of classic teardrop aviators. The same mode( in the right size) also works with women's suits, but it would look totally out of place with a more feminine attire like a floral dress.

If you're going with a more feminine, dressy search that's less business-like, look to Audrey Hepburn and other Old Hollywood actresses for inspiration. A pair of oversized, plastic-rimmed sunglasses or a pair of feminine cat-eye shades will work beautifully. When in doubt, choose classic styles over trending modern ones.