Weddings on DVD




 Your Wedding on DVD

For superb in-home viewing, the newest way to watch your wedding video is on a DVD (Digital Versatile Disc). A DVD looks just like an audio CD. The newest Hollywood movies are now available on both DVD and VHS.

Many WEVA International members now have the ability to transfer your wedding video to DVD. Today you can receive your wedding memories on either VHS, DVD, or both! Being digital, DVD offers superior viewing, convenience, and longevity. And when your wedding is on a DVD instead of a VHS tape cassette, there is no need for rewinding. Moving forwards or backwards on DVD is done instantly at the touch of a button!

While VHS will be here for many years to come, consumer marketing experts expect DVD to continue increasing in popularity. In fact, now that America's largest retailer is stocking DVD players, basic units are selling for under $50.